About Diane Connal

About Diane Connal


Diane received a Certificate of Jewellery Design from Randwick Technical College, Sydney, Australia in 1983 before completing a BA in Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts in 1985. 

Diane now lives in Waikanae Beach, New Zealand, where she finds her work reflecting her love of the coastline and Kapiti Island. "I have a strong organic feel that runs through my designs and it's linked to where I live."

Diane works with silver, enamel and found objects, both natural and urban. She works on designs and themes until they feel complete - sometimes this can take years. For recent jewellery pieces, Diane has been experimenting with old encylcopedia pages and shellac. She has worked with bone and china over most of her career and has taken these materials to a new level. Inspiration comes from interesting textures, colours, forms and themes like politics, the environment and whims of the heart.