Diane Connal Gallery

New Work

Angels Versus Kiwis

I went to Europe a few years ago for the first time. It was a personal trip of discovery for me. I wanted to see all the art I have studied all my life.

As I travelled around the other side of the world from England to Scotland to Paris, Florence and Barcelona, I started noticing angels. In the art galleries, in the parks and streets, on the beautiful buildings. I got really caught up in them and took a huge amount of images.,

When I returned, I started working on a new range of work. I wanted to incorporate angels, with a NZ twist. I love making these pieces. They always come off the bench slightly different, with a style of their own.

Memory Jewellery

One thing that I really LOVE doing is working with a client on a special personal piece of jewellery that resonates with them for a myriad of reasons. Some have lost a love one. Other people want a personal piece of jewellery for their child from a childhood cup or plate.

My "In Loving Memory" jewellery begun when my own mum passed away in 2010. As my siblings and I sorted through mum's things, there was one thing that we couldn't agree on who should have - a plate! It was a plate we had at our bach when we were kids and there was just one of them. A little strawberry plate that had so many memories. It was always a joke: "Who wants the strawberry plate?"

After some discussion, and eventual agreement, I broke the plate into several pieces and made my sisters, niece's and I a necklace each.  I have since made many pieces for friends and clients that hold their memories close to them. These can take the form of special items, say china or jewellery to be reformed. A container to hold ashes of a loved one or a piece that reflects your loved one.

They carry our loving memories, and I would be honoured to make one for you in memory of your loved ones. Please contact me directly if you'd like to discuss further.

Fancy Little Phrases

The most recent range, Fancy Little Phrases, was shown for the first time at NZ Fashion Week. It incorporates my love of the written word with memories of my Mum and her sayings. It is a collection of old and some not so old sayings and phrases that resonate in a personal way with each of us over the years and generations. The piece in this range can be designed and personalised with a saying that is special to the owner if desired.


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